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im ready to give up on blogging, lazy/pointless blah blah blah... 

i had a lovely memorial day weekend getaway with my sweetie on a cruiseship somewhere in mexico. it was nice to be able to do a bunch of activities and relax on the boat, didnt realize how ginormous those things were. did some rock climbing, eating, jogging, salsa dancing, eating, pilates, eating, dancing, watched a comedy show & a musical, took a cooking class, gambled at the casino, papas & beer, best of all ... spent lots of time relaxing with the bf. Thanks to my sweetie for the relaxing getaway =)

lookin forward to the mini-trips this summer... annual bass lake trip is gonna be great, the boat gets bigger and bigger each year as well as the group. and of course, the 4th of july bbq/amy connie jessica's bday & con's bon voyage. i love the summertime.

ill leave u with this... what would you do if you saw this swimming at you... 

and here are some more GREAT pictures ...

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